iClose Connector

Improve broker performance, increase loyalty and reduce cost. UPM2 integrates seamlessly with Ebix Broker Systems. Automate the entire policy lifecycle and do business at "digital speed".

Faster. Efficient. Automated

Brokers are under unprecedented margin pressure to respond to demanding customers and compete effectively in the digital world. This means that speed of service is crucial to deliver a competitive customer experience. Likewise, underwriting agencies need to service the broker at “digital speed” and reduce their manual tasks to remain an attractive partner.

For the first time, underwriting agencies running UPM2 Agency Suite can seamlessly integrate with Ebix broker products including CBS, eGlobal and WinBeat. The UPM2 iClose Connector interfaces with the Ebix iClose platform and automates the entire lifecycle of a policy. It opens up opportunities for underwriting agencies to build both performance and loyalty through faster and more cost effective, automated services.
Automate and integrate the policy lifecycle across broker and underwriter: quotation, referral, bind, endorsement, renewal, cancellation.
Using unique broker IDs, iClose ensures that only authorised brokers gain access to a particular product.
Communication from the UPM2 iClose Connector is encrypted. Once wthin the iClose environment, data is protected by iClose's own secure messaging system.
The UPM2 iClose Connector uses peer to peer messaging architecture to communicate with the iClose platform. Requests initiated by the broker’s system are passed to the iClose platform which relays it to the Insurer Adaptor. The UPM2 iClose Connector communicates with this Adaptor.
Retain and grow your business
“In order to retain and grow our business, we need to offer great products and great customer service while making it easier and faster for our brokers to do business with our clients and insurer partners.

The UPM2 iClose connector offers a strong value-add to our broker relationships by automating the sales process between the underwriter and brokers using Ebix systems. Without the need to rekey data, brokers can quote, bind, endorse and renew quickly and efficiently, saving them time and reducing errors”

Phil Kearns, Managing Director, InterRISK


UPM2 iClose Connector delivers a win-win

Win for underwriting agencies
  • Increase competitiveness by providing fast and easy service
  • Unlock growth potential in broker networks through automation
  • Reduce turnaround time for broker requests
  • Reduce manual work and free up staff time
  • Eliminate time intensive email and phone processes
  • Deliver a transparent, trackable process for every request
  • Provide a strong value add to brokers to compete more effectively
  • Improve broker reach and performance without requiring additional staff
Win for brokers
  • Eliminate re-keying of data
  • Faster response time for customers
  • Handle more volume at lower cost through automation
  • Reduce staff training through ease of use
  • Reduce manual workload
  • Eliminate human error through multiple data entry points

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